Vickys Pan-fried Toasties With Loads Of Filling Ideas! (8 Steps)

Sherry M Watson
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⌛ 8 mins
🗒️ 24 ingredients
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Today's highlight is the vickys pan-fried toasties with loads of filling ideas!. This enjoyable recipe is straightforward and quick to prepare.

All you need are 24 ingredients and the readiness to follow 8 easy steps.

Vickys Pan-fried Toasties With Loads Of Filling Ideas! (8 steps)


  • 2 medium cut slices of bread, see my free from recipe link below
  • sunflower spread / butter as required
  • Savoury Filling Combo Ideas
  • Cheese, ham & pineapple
  • Cooked chicken, cheese & pesto
  • Cheese and pickle
  • Cooked sausage, cheese & baked beans
  • Cheese and tomato
  • Cooked bacon, cheese & worcestershire sauce
  • Cheese and pre-fried onions
  • Cooked turkey, cheese and cranberry sauce
  • Cheese, corned beef and coleslaw
  • Cooked chicken, cheese and roasted peppers
  • Tuna and cheese
  • Chorizo, cheese, avocado and salsa
  • Cheese & cooked sliced beetroot
  • Cooked leftover mac & cheese
  • Chips / Fries & cheese
  • Cooked burger patty, tomato ketchup & cheese
  • Dessert Filling Combo Ideas
  • Sliced bananas and chocolate spread
  • Canned fruit pie filling, cream cheese & powdered sugar
  • Sliced strawberries, blueberries, cream cheese & powdered sugar
  • Grated apple & raisins, cream cheese & powdered sugar
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💡️ After preparing all the ingredients, you can prepare vickys pan-fried toasties with loads of filling ideas! by following the 8 following procedures:


  • Butter the slices of bread thickly on one side each. You can use garlic butter for added flavour. See my link here for a recipe

    Vickys Pan-fried Toasties With Loads Of Filling Ideas! (8 steps)

  • Put one slice into a frying pan,buttered side down
  • Top with a generous layer of cheese then any other fillings you'd like to add. I also like to shake some Worcestershire sauce on before adding the cheese

    Vickys Pan-fried Toasties With Loads Of Filling Ideas! (8 steps)

  • Put the other slice of bread on top, buttered side up. Turn the heat on to medium

    Vickys Pan-fried Toasties With Loads Of Filling Ideas! (8 steps)

  • Fry for 2 minutes until golden then flip, press down and fry another 2 minutes on the other side

    Vickys Pan-fried Toasties With Loads Of Filling Ideas! (8 steps)

  • Let rest a minute before cutting into triangles and serve. Add chips / fries and a side salad for a satisfying lunch
  • Anything that goes on a pizza will work in a toastie. Use different cheeses for different ingredients like a mexican cheese with chicken and roasted peppers, brie with turkey and cranberry sauce or goats cheese with parma ham and pear for a posh vibe!
  • Dessert toasties are great served with custard or ice cream. Just mix the cream cheese with powdered sugar to taste then spoon a few tablespoons over the fruit filling

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